We partnered with the high-quality design retailer Lumens to highlight the stories of some of the brightest minds in the design world spanning from Los Angeles to Toronto.

  • Pre-Production
    • Concept creation
    • Producing
    • Script writing
  • Production
    • Directing
    • Filming
    • Producing
  • Post-Production
    • Editing
    • Producing
    • Scripting

Stunning design, powerful stories and deep passion really made this project take off.

The ask

Lumens is a high-quality design retailer with over 350 of the world’s leading design brands. When they launched the Innovators Council, a new initiative to bring together the brightest minds in the design world to share their unique perspectives, they needed help creating individual artist spotlight videos. The goal was to tell each designer’s personal story and appeal to the design retailer’s trade and design audience.

In this ongoing “Day in the Life” project, we’ve filmed five designers to date.

The challenge

Each designer has a unique style and approach to design. All extremely talented with different personalities. It was our job to really capture their authentic story that sets each one apart from others in the industry – and from each other while maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout the series.

The designers were located in various cities: New York, Los Angeles, Reno and Toronto.  Prior to filming, we met with each designer virtually to get to know them, but didn’t meet them in person until the day of filming. We didn’t have a chance to scout our locations prior to filming, and we had one day to film each designer. This was a bit challenging creatively because we didn’t quite know what spaces we were working with prior to filming.

We were able to get photos of the locations prior to filming, which helped a lot. We did our own research to learn more about each designer. This helped our team develop interview questions and ultimately conduct the interviews. Our client was amazing at helping to organize the film shoots and anticipate any challenges, so everything worked out very well.

The approach

We tagged along with each designer for the day to tell their story. We filmed them at various locations, including their homes and at locations they’ve designed. We got familiar with the locations quickly and did our best to utilize the space creatively. 

We built a rapport with each designer before the interview, so they could feel comfortable and open to expressing themselves. It was so easy to vibe with each designer; they gave powerful soundbites that really showed their passion for the work.

When it came to post-production, we carefully curated the right vibe, music, look and feel that fits the style and personality of each designer. These elements really helped each designer to stand out in their own unique way.

Our workflow included research, pre-interviews, filming, directing, interviewing, transcribing, scripting, and editing. Each video was created in a conventional format and tailored for Instagram in 15 and 30-second vertical short forms.

We’re so happy with how these videos are turning out! Most of all, we’re thrilled our client wants to continue creating content with us.

We’re proud to announce Alvin Wayne’s video is a double winner at the 44th Annual Telly Awards. It received two Silver awards for Craft and General in the category of Social Video. 

AMAZING WORK! Thanks all and can’t wait to start bragging when I’m back in the office tomorrow. : )

Ann Petersen Senior Director, Brand and Trade Marketing, Lumens