Through our films, we aim to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and spark conversations. Check out some of our latest work!

inBloom Reel 2024
Check out our demo reel featuring a compilation of our latest video work on the ground and in the air.
Drone Reel 2024
Check out a compilation of our most recent aerial work from around the world. We visited some cool places from the air, including Greenland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Pacific Northwest.
Coda Brain
Coda Brain is a new turnkey AI platform that bridges the divide between your company’s data and where your team works. We DP’d this spot for Fathom in their Sacramento-based creative studio.
CCIS 2024 Event Highlight
The CCIS 2024 Winter In-Person Conference, titled “THAT WAS SO 2020,” addressed the pandemic’s impact on Independent Study. It featured discussions on artificial intelligence, the opioid crisis, and student engagement strategies.
Elevate Youth CA – Event Highlight
Elevate California’s youth took center stage at the 2023 Elevate Youth California Youth Leadership and Promising Practices Convening, where 760+ individuals from 210+ organizations across the state came together to amplify and center the voices of our youth.
Lumens ft. Victoria Tonelli
Fusing contemporary elements with clean lines and an abundance of natural materials, her ability to create spaces that are alternately airy, sensual and supremely comfortable have catapulted Victoria into the celebrity stratosphere. Lumens tagged along with Victoria on a day in Toronto, staging a finished design, explaining her process and going live on set with Canadian TV morning show Breakfast Television.
It Takes a Village – Transforming Lives from Cradle to Career
An overview of the impact of California’s place-based poverty alleviation initiatives, including Promise Neighborhoods and Cradle to Career Networks. Featuring speakers from the California Cradle to Career Coalition, community members, and California Assemblymembers Mia Bonta and Liz Ortega.
Bloomberg: Why Work From Home is Here to Stay
Bloomberg News talks with a world-renowned economist and business professor to discuss how companies are trying to balance the needs of employees and employers, and whether hybrid work is here to stay.
A Day in the Life of a Nursery Manager
Experience a day with a nursery manager as a young girl shadows her. We partnered with Fathom to showcase her daily responsibilities, what skills are needed to get into the field, how to propagate a plant and more.
Lumens ft. Adi Goodrich
In this artist spotlight, we feature Los Angeles-based spacial designer Adi Goodrich who gives insight into her unique design approach and takes us to two projects she meticulously crafted from the ground up. 



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